I Bid You Welcome…

Hello, I’m Marc Zeale. Welcome to my blog.

The suggestive title of this, my first post, is intended to express my genuine desire to engage readers with entertaining content on my favorite subjects, and also display the hint of dry humor you might expect to find running, like a current, through many of my posts here. You see, I read an excellent book last year about Bram Stoker and the legends that support his beloved best book, Dracula. It’s called Who Was Dracula? Bram Stoker’s Trail Of Blood.

The gentlemanly monster of Stoker’s 19th Century imagination, it seems, was well aware of the ancient occult superstition, that no guest could be forced to enter his castle, but must willingly cross over the threshold on their own. This was one of the niceties required of a stately (albeit fanged and often pale) host to lure willing victims to enter the palace of their demise, of their own accord.

Thus, with an equally polite and innocent spirit in mind, I bid you welcome to my personal blog / portfolio / literary test tube. May it intrigue you with the same level of Romanian charm our favorite Count displayed, and soon after bite your neck with sudden intensity, rendering you, the reader, helpless but to continually return to the source of your bloodlust for quality writing I hope to display in the days to come.

May I take your coat? You won’t be needing that for awhile now (insert evil laugh track here).


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