About Marc


Marc Zeale is a freelance blogger, writer, and social media enthusiast who strives to communicate thoughts, ideas, and opinions through online channels, using social platforms like WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and others to the promote ideas and institutions he believes in.

The arts, particularly visual art, film, and recorded music, are three things that have dominated Marc’s interests for most of his life. Along the way, he has enjoyed writing on a variety of subjects for various online clients.

In building this personal blog and portfolio, Marc hopes to share his insight on these and other subjects, as objectively as possible, and build a portfolio of written work that is progressive, meaningful, and ultimately valuable for friends and associates. In addition, Marc hopes to attract readers who might either:

  1. a) be entertained, inspired, or educated by the content within, or
  2. b) require quality content from a freelance writer and arts advocate, for their personal and/or professional interests.

Wish him luck…