Morning’s Beautiful Tragedy

One Saturday morning I woke to a beautiful sunny day, cool enough outside to require a sweatshirt as I worked through a morning ritual of stretching and yoga movements, to revitalize and soothe my aging body. At 50 years of age, it requires more rest than I allow to feel fully motivated, and sometimes I wake sore from the past day’s busy physical activities.

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On Writing: Resurrecting the Dead Spirit

Writing is an exercise that should be practiced every day, and no written material writes itself. These are the primary reasons for this introductory blog post, in my new daily effort to develop the writing habit. What comes through my fingers into print will hopefully be productive, informative, and entertaining, to myself if not to others.

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I Bid You Welcome…

Hello, I’m Marc Zeale. Welcome to my blog.

The suggestive title of this, my first post, is intended to express my genuine desire to engage readers with entertaining content on my favorite subjects, and also display the hint of dry humor you might expect to find running, like a current, through many of my posts here. You see, I read an excellent book last year about Bram Stoker and the legends that support his beloved best book, Dracula. It’s called Who Was Dracula? Bram Stoker’s Trail Of Blood.

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